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Here’s what the NFL ProBowl Skills Showdown looks like with some Ninja Warrior flavor

Just a little sprinkle of Ninja magic on top.

When A. Smith and Co were announced as the team of producers behind the 2017 NFL ProBowl Skills Showdown, we knew it was going to be crazy. As the team behind American Ninja Warrior, they have plenty of practice testing athlete’s limits.

They delivered on that promise, and there was even some Ninja Warrior similarities in there if you knew were to look.

There were five different challenges in the Showdown:

  • Dodgeball
  • Precision Passing
  • Drone Drop
  • Power Relay
  • Best Hands

American Ninja Warrior host and NFL analyst Akbar Gbajabiamila was on location, jazzing things up with his personality.

First, let’s talk about the Power Relay. Wait a second, that wall looks familiar....

The NFC takes the power relay! #ProBowlSkills

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Ninja Warrior/Youtube

This color scheme is ringing a bell.

The AFC Power Relay! #ProBowlSkills

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Ohhh! Victory is within reach, but ANYTHING can happen on the Flying Shelf Grab! #TeamNinjaWarrior

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Just like in American Ninja Warrior, you have to pay attention to the rules!

How did the rookie @_4dak do in the precision passing? #ProBowlSkills

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In dominating fashion, Philip Rivers won the precision passing competition! #ProBowlSkills

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Dodgeball doesn’t really have anything to do with American Ninja Warrior, besides being awesome.

3, 2, 1. DODGEBALL! NFC vs. AFC. Winner take all. #ProBowlSkills

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But they do share thrilling celebrations of success!

Can you tell @ezekielelliott was excited when the NFC won dodgeball? #ProBowlSkills

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Why don’t we flavor more things with the Ninja Warrior spice? Think about it: Golf with Warped Walls between holes, 100 meter dash with Quintuple Steps half way through. It could work!

You can check out the full results from the ProBowl Skills Showdown here.