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American Ninja Warrior heads for the sand and sun of Daytona Beach

But this is not going to be a vacation for the competitors.

Daytona 500 Photo by John Harrelson/Getty Images

The third stop in American Ninja Warrior’s season nine taping schedule is Daytona Beach, Florida. After the action in San Antonio is said and done, the course and crew will be heading to the oceanside city.

It’s home to Daytona International Speedway, where NASCAR’s Daytona 500 takes place. In season eight of the show, we saw Indianapolis bring out quite a few members of the racing community. Maybe Ricky Stenhouse Jr. will take a second run at the course in Florida. Or maybe Danica Patrick will give it a shot.

Daytona Beach is about an hour away from Orlando, where the show recorded in season seven at Universal Studios, giving us a nice reminder of who we might see at Daytona in season nine.

This is where we first met Jon “The Giant” Alexis Jr.

Orlando was a tough course that really challenged some of the best-known athletes.

Drew Drechsel stalled on the Invisible Ladder.

Flip Rodriguez was just inches from the buzzer when his grip gave out.

[It should be noted that Flip has since moved to the Los Angeles area and ran there in season eight. Probably what will happen again for season nine.]

Neil Craver also gassed out with the end in sight.

Things were looking dire for James McGrath until he put his long legs to work!

The show will record in Daytona Beach around April 7. If you want to see the show live, keep an eye on On Camera Audiences.Com. They won’t release tickets until closer to the date, but they’re free on a first come, first served basis!