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American Ninja Warrior Jake Murray loves to goof around but his runs are serious business

Don’t let the fanny pack fool you.

It’s hard to pin down the most memorable thing Jake Murray has done in relation to American Ninja Warrior.

Was it creating possibly the funniest submission video ever? Was it running Stage One at the Las Vegas Finals with a fanny pack in season eight? Was it when he revealed that the fanny pack contained a corn dog and goggles that he used to celebrate clearing Stage One? Was it the fact that he had the fastest time on Stage One this season? Or is it the fact that in both his two seasons he’s qualified for Stage Two?

This ‘Baseball Card’ highlights all the amazing things Jake has done since he first appeared on the show in season seven. [In season six, Jake waited in the walk-on line for over five days but never made it to the course.] has a complete database of all the aired/annotated runs in the history of American Ninja Warrior. Check it out to learn cool stats on all your favorite ninjas.