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American Ninja Warriors share their hilarious and inspiring fails

Even the best take some hard falls and pick themselves back up.

We talk a lot about the amazing feats American Ninja Warriors can accomplish. But it takes a lot of hard work and a lot of picking yourself up after you fall to get that good.

Ninja Warriors are not ones to try to hide that fact. They’re more than willing to laugh at their little failures and share them with all of social media. Not only do we get to chuckled with them, we get to be reminded that we’re all still working on it.

Grant McCartney isn’t quite ready to jump through hoops.

Ethan Swanson demonstrated that the last step can be a doozy.

Domino run... Not sure if you call this a success or not but it was AWESOME! . . . @anwnation @nbcninjawarrior @newbalance

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Erica Cook dedicated a whole montage to a year of falls.

In honor of 2017... all of my best 2016 fails . New Years resolution - learn how to fall properly.

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One leap forward, one big fall backwards, by Thomas Stillings.

Jamie Rahn’s steps aren’t perfect every single time.

Anna Shumaker took an epic face-plant and smiled through it.

Roo Yori took a bite out of the Salmon Ladder and then the Salmon Ladder bit back.

Ryan Stratis faced a new obstacle in competition and it wasn’t love at first sight.

Last, we’ll always have Matt Iseman to remind us what a true, humble competitor looks like.

*SPOILER* American Ninja Warrior Final Run

The best performance from season 8. CONTAINS SPOILERS so do not watch if you haven't seen the finale! Amazing performance!!!!

Posted by Matt Iseman on Monday, September 12, 2016