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American Ninja Warrior: All-Star Special 2017 returns in February

The Team and Skills Competitions have a premiere date.

American Ninja Warrior: All-Star Special will premiere on February 20, 8-10 pm, on NBC.

Usually recorded after the season finale, the All-Star Special is two hours of Ninjas doing what they do best.

There’s two parts to the All-Star Special:

The Skills Competition: Ninja Warriors go head to head on an obstacle increasing in difficulty until only one competitor remains, setting the record.

Last Skills Competition, Flip Rodriguez took home the title for defeating the tallest Warped Wall. The competition was so stiff, they recorded until well into the morning to finally declare a winner. (If you’re familiar with the recording schedule of the show, they generally try to have everything filmed before the sun comes up and alters the lighting.)

Here’s Mike Bernardo going to town on a Salmon Ladder from hell.

Team Portion: Last special, hosts Matt Iseman and Akbar Gbajabiamila selected teams of five Ninja Warriors. The teams then battled it out for the win on the National Finals courses.

In 2016, Akbar’s team claimed the title.

Meagan Martin took on Stage Three for Team Akbar:

Joe Moravsky was on Team Matt:

The All-Star Special is a chance for the Ninjas to test their skills, freed from the high pressure of the regular show. It’s also one of the best ways to get your Ninja-fix between seasons.

Who would you put on your All-Star team? Tell us in the comments.