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Flashback to the very first American Ninja Warrior National Finals course

In season four, the Ninjas arrived in Las Vegas.

Way back in 2012, American Ninja Warrior fans got to see the very first National Finals course in Las Vegas.

It was built using the plans from the Japanese show as a guide.

It had all the features we’ve come to expect from the course today. Stage One is over a football field in length.

Stage Two is over water, with flames to emphasis the drama.

Stage Three is an upper body challenge for the ages.

Stage Four is the iconic Mt. Midoriyama, a rope climb of over 100 feet.

It’s fun to see all the Ninjas who have been taking on the course since the very beginning.

We can spot:

  • Flip Rodriguez
  • Drew Drechsel
  • Travis Rosen
  • JJ Woods
  • Evan Dollard

American Ninja Warrior has held the National Finals in Las Vegas for the past four seasons. Let’s hope there are many, many more!