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This American Ninja Warrior is a driving force behind the growth of the sport

Chris Wilczewski has gone from the National Finals to the National Ninja League.

Chris Wilczewski is a long-time competitor on American Ninja Warrior, as well as the creator and lead behind the National Ninja League.

You might not realize is how good his long career on the show has been. In his first season, he was the 18th best ninja, in his second season he was 14th. Since American Ninja Warrior featured the National Finals in Las Vegas he’s made it to Stage Two in every one of the even numbered seasons (4,6, & 8).

Chris and American Ninja Warrior have changed a lot in the last 7 years, the ‘Baseball Card’ above chronicles these changes.

To learn more about the history of American Ninja Warrior from a numbers perspective and play along with future seasons visit