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These little girls showing their love for the American Ninja Warrior women will melt your heart

Dedicated super fans!

It’s no secret that we loved seeing the success of the women on season eight of American Ninja Warrior. Jessie Graff beat Stage One at the National Finals. Meagan Martin completed her third qualifying course in a row. Jesse Labreck qualified for the National Finals in her rookie season.

It also gave a legion of young girls a plethora of female athletes to look up to. They’re jumping head first into youth Ninja Warrior classes, making their own courses and refusing to let anything hold them back.

Here are just a few examples of how these girls are showing their Ninja Warrior love.

This mom got her daughter a custom made Tiana Webberley doll and she was so excited to have a little likeness of her favorite Ninja.

Tiana ran in Los Angeles during season eight.

Brandon Hickman/NBC

Little Rory has seriously excellent taste when it comes to her “favorite” people. Jessie Graff and Natalie Duran should be right alongside George Washington!

Jessie made it all the way to Stage Two at the National Finals.

David Becker/NBC

Natalie qualified for the Los Angeles City Finals.

Ryan Tuttle/NBC

This Ninja is a dead ringer for her hero, Jessie Graff.

They’d make the perfect superhero duo.

Brandon Hickman/NBC

A fierce little Ninja dedicated her playground run to Kacy Catanzaro.

Kacy was the first woman to defeat the Warped Wall and is the only woman to complete a City Finals course.

Ryan Tuttle/NBC

We know we’re going to see some of these young girls on the course one day!