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American Ninja Warriors talk about how far they’ll make it on season nine

A young Ninja asked the competitors the question on everyone’s mind.

A young Ninja named Luke took full advantage of his access to American Ninja Warriors at the GCA NLL competition. Luke is working on a YouTube channel called “Luke’s Free Run” and grabbed some interviews with the Ninjas on their predictions for season nine.

Luke’s Free Run/Youtube

Luke: “What do you think your chances are of winning the show next season?”

Joe Moravsky: “70%”

Allyssa Beird: “My personal goal would be Stage One and Stage Two next year.”

Josh Levin: “I think, overall, if you take them one at a time, pace yourself, make sure you’re not rushing, think through them clearly, then anything’s possible.”

Luke’s Free Run/Youtube

Luke: “How do you feel about your chances of completing the entire Ninja Warrior series of courses next season?”

Noel Reyes: “Season nine is definitely my year.”

Jon Alexis Jr: “We have a few more months, so I’m going to increase the rock climbing and running for stamina, then I’ll have a really good chance. Better than the years before.”

Jesse Labreck: “My goal is to make it to Stage Two in Vegas. And then my goal is to keep increasing from there and we’ll see where it goes.”

Luke’s Free Run/Youtube

Luke: “How do you feel about your chances during your next season of American Ninja Warrior, of completing the whole course?”

Ryan Stratis: “Last year I had the shoulder surgery, but I’m feeling really great this year. Feeling pretty positive.”

Then Luke had a little run-in with Drew Drechsel, who was in a full on competition mode and wasn’t ready for an impromptu interview.

Luke’s Free Run/Youtube

The young journalist received a bit of a lesson in approaching subjects.

Luke’s Free Run/Youtube

Never break a Ninja’s focus. NEVER.

Luke’s Free Run/Youtube

It was all in good fun, and they worked it out quickly.

Luke’s Free Run/Youtube

Luke: “How do you feel you’re going to do on the next season of American Ninja Warrior?”

Drew Drechsel: “I could do it again next year. I could even go further. But it takes one mistake on any obstacle. Anyone can go out. So we’ll just have to wait and see.”

Luke’s Free Run/Youtube

Drew will be rock climbing with Josh Levin to make sure the Hang Climb won’t trip him up this season.

Great job getting those interviews, Luke!