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American Ninja Warrior Jessie Graff is the first to master the Ring Slider at the FitExpo competition

The UNAA course at the Los Angeles event drew Ninjas from up and down the west coast.

Check out this recap of the January 7-8 event, including Jessie Graff’s run on the competition level course. Jessie’s run starts around the 6:58 mark.

During the UNAA competition at the Los Angeles FitExpo, the Ninjas were struggling at the Ring Slider. That is, until Jessie Graff came in and demonstrated how the dismount should be executed.

The Ultimate Ninja Athlete Association organizes Ninja Warrior style competitions all around the country, culminating in a championship finals. They set up a course at LA’s FitExpo to raise awareness of how to get involved with the sport, as well as just to let some of the best known Ninja Warriors show off their stuff!

Here are the Ninja’s who stopped by:

  • Jesse Graff
  • Flip Rodriquez
  • Noah Kaufman
  • Nick Coolridge
  • Travis Brewer
  • Ben Melick
  • Maggie Thorne
  • David Campbell
  • Natalie Duran
  • Ted Jung
  • Sander Odish
  • Arnold Hernandez
  • Scott Willson
  • Thad Robeck

Robert Clark, the head of the UNAA, share this about the event:

“The UNAA had an amazing weekend at the FitExpo in LA!

The course was provided by Adventure Fitness and it really drew a crowd. Over 250 people tried the course, with over 70 that tried for the money on the Competition level course.

The problem on the competition course was the ring slider. Everyone early on had trouble with the dismount. Even Flip Rodriquez had trouble with it and failed at the ring slider dismount on his run. Later, Flip would be the first to figure it out and perfect the dismount as he played around with it. Once word got out of how to do it, game on!

Jesse Graff was the first to figure it out in competition and complete the course. Later, Adam Rayl and Sander Odish were able to figure it out and complete the course also.

In the end, 9 athletes were able to complete the course out of over 70 competitors. Adam Rayl came away with the fastest time at 1:04, taking home $1,000, followed by 2nd place Sander Odish at 1:53 and then in 3rd was Derek Miyamoto with a 1:58.

Ted Jung got bumped out of 3rd place by just 1 second. Scott Willson came in with a late run after it was all over and got a time of 1:18.

With over 65,000 people in attendance at the FitExpo, the crowd watching all the action was huge! We were told by the promoter that we had the most consistent crowd of on lookers over any other event going on at The Fit Expo.

We look forward to going back to California for the San Jose FitExpo in July. The Wolfpack was in the house promoting their Wolfpack Ninja Tour coming in April!”

If you missed the Los Angeles event, don’t worry, you’ve got a couple more chances. The San Jose event is on July 29, and Anaheim happens just a month later. Get out there and meet your Ninja heroes!