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Get your American Ninja Warrior fix by watching these National Ninja League runs

Watch Drew, Joe, Jake and many more try for a spot in the NNL Finals.

We warned you that the year would be starting off with some crazy Ninja Warrior competitions! The National Ninja League qualifier at GCA Parkour and Freerunning in Fairfield, CT was stacked with some of the biggest names from the show and the runs were action-packed.

Watch your favorite Ninjas take on the course.

Drew Drechsel

Jake Murray

Joe Moravsky

Ryan Stratis

Jon Alexis Jr.

Allyssa Beird

Mike Bernardo

Michael Torres

Full recap of the event:

Overall results from the event:

Remember to keep an eye on the competition schedules for both the National Ninja League and the Ultimate Ninja Athlete Association. These events are fantastic ways for you to watch American Ninja Warriors in action, and it’s also where the Ninjas go to hone their skills for the big show.

You might even catch the next American Ninja Warrior before the rest of the world knows about them.