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Stage Three of the American Ninja Warrior National Finals finds a way to make the Ultimate Cliff Hanger and Body Prop harder

Take a terrifying look at Stage Three of the National Finals.

While we don’t quite yet know which Ninjas will take on Stage Three of the American Ninja Warrior National Finals, we know they’ll be in for a challenge.

In the last segment of this season’s “Crashing the Course,” we get a look at the new and revamped obstacles the surviving Ninjas will need to face.

The Ultimate Cliff Hanger, a Ninja killer in previous seasons, has been made, you guessed it, harder. Now the Ninjas will will need to make two transfers to complete the obstacle.

The Body Prop has gone through a total re-haul. On Stage Three, it will be 30 feet long in total, with a five foot dip that hovers just above the water. To complete the Curved Body Prop, Ninjas will need to ascend the 10 foot curve to the dismount.

If a Ninja makes it through Stage Three, they’ll be facing the infamous Stage Four, Mount Midoriyama. This final rope climb is 75 feet in total and MUST be completed in 30 seconds or less.

Even just writing this is giving us anxiety. We’ll find out on Monday September 12 if any of the Ninjas can complete the course!