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American Ninja Warrior Jon Alexis Jr. takes first place in the National Ninja League Buffalo qualifier

Watch a full recap of all the action that took place over Labor Day weekend.

The National Ninja League puts on American Ninja Warrior style competitions all over the country. We end up seeing many of their competitiors on the show. For example, rookie Jesse Labreck first made her name in the Ninja world by taking the National Ninja League's female championship last season. Geoff Britten, the first person to ever complete all 4 stages of the National Finals, kept his competitive edge off the show by being the male champion of the National Ninja League's first season.

The National Ninja League is now in the full swing of their second season! The most recent competition took place over Labor Day weekend in Buffalo, NY.

The multi-stage competition was hosted by Hybrid Fitness. American Ninja Warrior Jon Alexis Jr. took first place in the men's division, a great follow up to his strong performance at the American Ninja Warrior National Finals.

Meiling Huang led the women's division. If she hasn't tried out for American Ninja Warrior yet, she seriously needs to!

You can check out a full recap of the event, including runs, in the video above!

Men's results

Women's results

Jesse Labreck was unable to qualify, but still tested some obstacles

Noel Reyes, another familiar Ninja Warrior, also didn't quite have the speed to qualify.

Meiling Huang showed awesome speed on the steps.

Jon 'The Giant' Alexis may have fallen on the Floating Doors, but he still secured first place.

We'll keep you updated with how your favorite Ninjas do during the National Ninja League season!