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American Ninja Warrior Jon Alexis Jr. has incredible strength on a scary new obstcale

He took first place at the National Ninja League competition in Buffalo, NY.

The National Ninja League celebrated Labor Day weekend by throwing a Ninja blow out in Buffalo, NY. The multi-stage competition was hosted by Hybrid Fitness and featured men’s, women’s and kids’ divisions.

First place in the men’s division went to American Ninja Warrior vet Jon Alexis Jr. Jon made it all the way to the National Finals during season 8. Even with his impressive height he made it through the Jumping Spider, but gassed out on the Flying Squirrel.

At the Hybrid Fitness competition, Jon showcased the skills that got him so far on the show. He was quick and calculated. Check out his performance on the Birdhouse obstacle during his full run, featured above.

This obstacle is vicious. It’s like the Pegboard and Bungee Road had a really mean baby. But Jon showed incredible strength and control as he slowly navigated the pegs and completed the obstacle. Seriously, watching his lock offs during the Birdhouse is impressive.

Jon Alexis Jr. carefully navigates the Birdhouse