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Jake Murray’s American Ninja Warrior submission video included a Footloose parody and an adult baby

Not quite sure what we just saw, but we liked it.

Jake Murray is the beloved wild child of American Ninja Warrior. His course runs are incredible, impressive and usually involve something unexpected. For example, when he backflipped UP the Warped Wall in the Indianapolis City Finals. Or when he carried a corn dog in a fanny pack on his Stage One run at the National Finals.

You never know what Jake is going to do next and it’s one of the reasons he’s so much fun to watch.

After trying to make the show as a walk on for a few years, Jake finally got his chance in season 7. Take one look at his submission video for that year and it’s clear why producers couldn’t resist him that time around!

Jake does a pretty awesome Footloose impression, channels Indiana Jones, carries a grown-up baby and slays a Salmon Ladder, all in 3 minutes. You need to see this.