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American Ninja Warrior Todd Bourgeois' Stage One run

The Cajun Cowboy was bucked off by the Jumping Spider in this American Ninja Warrior Nation exclusive.

Todd Bourgeois made a name for himself on this season of American Ninja Warrior as the 'Cajun Cowboy.' By placing in the top 30 at the Atlanta Qualifiers and top 15 at the City Finals, he earned a spot to Las Vegas.

However, we didn't get to see his run. Now, in this American Ninja Warrior Nation exclusive, you can watch his full try at Stage One.

Todd did a great job on the Giant Log Grip, showing caution on his dismount and avoiding the fate the stung so many other Ninjas on Stage One. But he missed the landing on the Jumping Spider, disqualifying him in the same spot he went out two years ago.