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Exclusive: Dan Polizzi's American Ninja Warrior Stage One run

You see just how hard Dan worked to try and get to that buzzer only on American Ninja Warrior Nation.

Dan Polizzi is a firefighter and one half of the "Towers of Power" training team. We only got to see a very brief part of his Stage One run at the American Ninja Warrior National Finals. We knew he timed out on the cargo net of the Flying Squirrel. Now, you can catch his full run exclusively here!

Dan took the course in the midst of a very windy Vegas night. With grit and sand blowing all around him he was cautious to make sure he maintained his footing. The Sonic Curve proved to be a time suck for him. Dan took extra swings trying to dismount, which spent valuable seconds.

He seemed to stumble a few times after that, but made it to the Flying Squirrel successfully. He watched the clock tick down as he tried to make it to the buzzer. He timed out with just a few feet left to go, but decided to go out with a splash by jumping into the water anyway.