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Najee Richardson's American Ninja Warrior National Finals Stage One run

The Philadelphia Phoenix didn't let one good hit keep him down.

Najee Richardson has been known at the Phoenix Ninja this season of American Ninja Warrior. He's overcome hardships and injuries to rise again stronger than ever.

In both the Philadelphia Qualifiers and City Finals, Najee made his home town proud, advancing each time. Even more impressive, this is just his rookie year competing in Vegas. But Najee has the ability to keep his wits about him under pressure. Perhaps that stems from his years as a competitive gymnast.

Whatever the case, it came in handy during his Stage One run in Vegas. He took a hard spill off the Broken Bridge, but he made up with it with an incredible leap from the Jumping Squirrel, leaving him with about 8 seconds left on the clock when he hit the buzzer!