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Meagan Martin's American Ninja Warrior National Finals Stage One run

The Giant Log Grip might have taken her out, but it won't keep the she-wolf down!

Meagan Martin had a fantastic American Ninja Warrior season 8. She completed a triplet in the Indianapolis Qualifiers, becoming the first female Ninja to finish three Qualifier courses in consecutive seasons.

She then earned her way to Vegas with an impressive run in the City Finals. Meagan, Jessie Graff, and Jesse Labreck all qualified for the National Finals, creating some serious girl power momentum.

Meagan was able to make it past the Propeller Bar during her run, an obstacle that took out so many male and female Ninjas alike. However, she did fall victim to the dismount from the Giant Log Grip. This obstacle had a very small landing pad and three harsh drops, leaving many Ninjas swimming.

While Meagan admitted she was exiting earlier than she would have liked, she was optimistic about her return to the course next season.