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Geoff Britten's American Ninja Warrior National Finals Stage One run

The first Ninja to complete all 4 stages of the National Finals bowed out early.

Geoff Britten is known as the first American Ninja Warrior. In season 7, he was the first Ninja to complete all four stages of the National Finals. However, the $1 million prize slipped away when Isaac Caldiero completed the Mt. Midoriyama rope climb in a shorter time.

Geoff's much anticipated return to Las Vegas was cut short abruptly with a fall on the first obstacle. Snake Run caused a small slip that sent Geoff into the water. The audience was completely silent, shocked.

Geoff pulled himself together quickly, smiled as he climbed out of the pool and told us all he'd be focusing on his family now. On September 6th, Geoff announced via his social media accounts that he was taking time off from American Ninja Warrior.