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Drew Drechsel's American Ninja Warrior National Finals Stage One run

The Real Life Ninja combined speed with a little bit of caution to secure his shot at Stage Two.

Drew Drechsel has made a name for himself as the 'Real Life Ninja.' He lives and breathes everything Ninja Warrior, including owning his own gym in Connecticut and having his young students come out to see him at the National Finals in Las Vegas.

With his students watching on, Drew was careful not to making any mistakes. He's known for his breakneck speed on the course, which came into play during his Stage One run. However, you could see the seasoned Ninja taking a beat or two when needed to make sure he approached the obstacles with the best strategy.

All in all, the tactic worked and he was able to complete Stage One. His students were thrilled with the performance. Hopefully he can repeat that success on Stage Two!