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Here are the American Ninja Warriors who made the National Finals, but not the TV broadcast

Let’s take a moment to appreciate what these Ninjas did to get that far!

Reid Pletcher
David Becker/NBC

Making it to the American Ninja Warrior Qualifying courses is impressive. It means you showed the strength and personality needed to get a shot at the course.

Being one of the top 30 on the Qualifying course and heading to the City Finals is even more impressive. That means you beat out roughly 70 other Ninjas.

If you’re one of the top 15 at the City Finals, okay, that just means you’re really really good. That means you’re heading to Stage One of the National Finals.

The trouble is, that still doesn’t mean your friends and family will see you on the show for certain. There are a lot of awesome Ninjas, great runs, and only so much time in one episode to reflect all of it.

We noticed that a few names were missing from night one and two of the National Finals. About 90 Ninjas took the course in total. By our count, about 20 Ninjas were not shown.

While we totally understand that producers have to make tough decisions and cuts, it’s a bummer not to be mentioned when you made it all the way to the dang National Finals!

So we’re going to mention them. Here are the Ninjas you didn’t get to see, and what obstacle they went out on! Great job to all!

Editor’s note. This information is based off my hand written notes from watching the National Finals live in Vegas. Please let me know if I marked anything down incorrectly!

  • Reid Pletcher: Out on Jumping Spider
  • James Wyatt: Out on Propeller Bar
  • Nate Burkhalter: Out on Snake Run
  • Asya Grechka: Out on Propeller Bar
  • Todd Bourgeois: Out on Jumping Spider
  • Shawn Richardson: Out on Giant Log Drop
  • Rich Shoemaker: Out on Jumping Spider
  • Rachael Goldstein: Out on Propeller Bar
  • Ryan Elliot: Out on Snake Run
  • Michaela Kiersch: Out on Propeller Bar
  • Jesse Cargill: Out on Jumping Spider
  • Ben Melick: Out on Propeller Bar
  • Gabriel Hurtado: Out on Propeller Bar
  • An Ly: Out on Propeller Bar
  • Mitch Vedepo: Out on Jumping Spider
  • Tyler Smith: Out on Jumping Spider
  • Dan Banura: Out on Propeller Bar
  • Andrew Yori: Out on Jumping Spider
  • Matt Wilder: Out on Propeller Bar
  • Ben Jackson: Out on Warped Wall

Congratulations to all these amazing Ninjas! Let’s see all of you out there again next season!