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American Ninja Warrior Jake Murray exudes positive energy before his National Finals run

Nothing can get this guy down!

You could argue that no Ninja has more fun on the course than Jake Murray. Remember when he backflipped UP the Warped Wall? With his trademark headbands and irresistible energy, he’s quickly become a fan favorite.

Now Jake is facing Stage One of the American Ninja Warrior National Finals. He’s got a few secrets to getting himself prepped and ready. They involve cliff jumping, jumping on hotel beds and admiring his sweet shoes.

When he needs to get a little deeper, he calls in his dad, who also happens to be a chiropractor, to help his body be at 100%. Jake reminds us that he does this because it’s fun, so he might as well have fun through the whole experience.

With a little more positive self talk right before he steps on the course, Jake is ready to do his best and entertain us in the process!