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Stage Two of the American Ninja Warrior National Finals will torture the Ninjas’ hands

They better hang on tight! For a really long time.

Stage Two of the American Ninja Warrior National Finals just looks painful. Really painful.

The Ninjas who survive Stage One will face six more obstacles, three of which have never been on the course before.

They’ll start with the Giant Ring Swing, which will see them swinging from a series of rings for 40 feet. Next is the Double Salmon Ladder. Producers decided that the Ninjas will need to go DOWN a Salmon Ladder and then back UP the other side. You know, just for fun.

Later, they’ll face the Double Wedge. You remember the Wedge. It was that little nasty one on the LA City Finals course that took out expert Ninjas like Kevin Bull. Well now it’s back, and it’s bigger. They will need to carefully hop across 20 feet of Wedge in total.

Notice a common thread for these obstacles? Grip strength. So much upper body and grip strength.

Any Ninjas who survive that will go on to Stage Three. We shudder to think what horrors could be hiding there.