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Watch American Ninja Warriors season 8 full episodes online: Philadelphia

The Philadelphia Qualifiers and City Finals were brutally tough and history-making.

Philadelphia Qualifiers:

A historic four women, Jesse Labreck, Michelle Warnkey, Rachael Goldstein and Allyssa Beird, all qualified for the City Finals. Najee Richardson became a hometown hero to Philly when he was the first to hit the buzzer. Geoff Britten upped his consecutive buzzer count to seven when he completed the course.

Full recap here.

Philadelphia City Finals:

For the first time in a City Finals, no one was able to complete the course. Joe Moravsky and Chris Wilczewski made it the farthest by reaching the Invisible Ladder. Jesse Labreck was the first woman to complete Rolling Thunder and moved on to the National Finals.

Full recap here.