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Here’s how to get into the American Ninja Warrior conversation

Join ANW Nation to ask questions and share your thoughts!

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American Ninja Warrior Nation is the official fan site of American Ninja Warrior. We’re obsessed with all things Ninja. And there’s nothing more we like than hanging out with the Ninja community.

Community is not a one way street. We encourage and welcome discussion and debate. Here’s all the ways you can join in on the conversation.


American Ninja Warrior Nation is YOUR website. We want your opinions and we want to hear from you. Create an account by hitting “Sign Up” either at the top right hand corner of this page, or by signing up to leave a comment below.

This is what the sign up form will look like. It’s a pop up.

Once you’re signed up, you can comment on posts like this one, about your thoughts on the Wild Card selection process.

You can also create FanShots and FanPosts.

FanShots mean if you spot a video, article, or picture that’s Ninja Warrior related around the web, you can give it a permanent home and share it with the rest of the fans.

FanPosts allow you to start conversations, share your thoughts, or write about the Ninja action you have in your life.


Make sure you like American Ninja Warrior Nation on Facebook to get our articles delivered straight to your newsfeed.

Also sign up for notifications of when we’re live! This will give you a behind the scenes look at Ninja events and let you chat with your favorite Ninjas when we’re hanging out with them.


Follow us on Twitter to get into some deep conversation with other fans. Here, we not only share articles but try to answer questions about how the show is created. Get on there. Tweet us!


Instagram is your visual Ninja source. We have behind the scenes photos, we’re curating the best in Ninja content, and we’re letting you know when something cool is about to happen!

@reallifeninja working a little something... Full interview coming soon! #americanninjawarrior

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Contact us:

Again, American Ninja Warrior Nation is your site. Your feedback is important. Drop us a note here if you love something, hate something, or want to see something!