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This video of American Ninja Warrior Zach Gowen talking about his life will inspire the heck out of you

To think he applied to the show one day AFTER the deadline!

In this video, American Ninja Warrior Zach Gowen discusses the obstacles that have shaped his life: His father leaving the family when he was four, loosing his leg to cancer at age eight, and fighting a drug and alcohol addiction.

Zach refers to these obstacles as gifts. Gifts that have moved him forward. Gifts that have pushed him to chase everything he wants, like being an professional wrestler and American Ninja Warrior.

If you didn’t see Zach Gowen’s run on American Ninja Warrior. Stop. Just stop what you’re doing and watch it. We’ll wait.

Zach Gowen has overcome unforgiving obstacles to become an unforgettable inspiration to us all!