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The most inspiring moments from Season 8 of American Ninja Warrior

Breaking barriers and overcoming the impossible: This season had it all!

The athletes on American Ninja Warrior are experts in overcoming obstacles. We've seen what they can do on the course, but it's what they've overcome off the course that can really blow your mind.

Season Eight was no exception. In the video above, we've compiled just a few of the inspiring moments that had us either crying or cheering this season.

Here are the highlighted moments:

Zach Gowen:

Zach lost his leg to cancer at the age of eight. He's still managed to become a professional wrestler and Ninja Warrior. In Indianapolis, Zach faced the Rolling Log, which looked impossible given his inability to grip it fully. Little did we know, Zach could defy any expectation.

Artis Thompson III:

Artis lost his brother in a motorcycle accident and then lost his leg in another accident. The heartache and set backs served as fuel for Artis to hone his dedication. It was on full display in Oklahoma City when he went to battle against the Log Runner.

Jessie Graff:

In the Los Angeles City Finals, Jessie Graff let the world know she was about to change the game. On the tough course, no one had made it past the Wedge, a tricky new obstacle. That is, until Jessie got her shot at it. Jessie was the first to make it past the obstacle and placed second for the night overall, the highest a woman has ever placed on a City Finals course.

Grant Clinton:

Grant suffered a severe stroke while training for American Ninja Warrior. His wife and young children were terrified they would lose him. But Grant was able to pull through, and just six months after his brush with death, he took the course in Oklahoma City. If that wasn't inspiring enough, he defeated the course and became the first finisher of the night at the City Finals.

Jesse Labreck:

Jesse was an American Ninja Warrior rookie this season, but you wouldn't know that from her focus and drive. In Philadelphia, she was one of the four women to qualify for the City Finals. Jesse was the first woman to defeat Rolling Thunder, a terrifying new obstacle, and earned a place at the National Finals. But while she did all that, Jesse kept an eye on her friend Emeline, the young woman Jesse is a caretaker for.

Jessie Graff:

At the National Finals, Jessie made history. The incredibly difficult Stage One course knocked out all but 17 Ninjas, and one of those surviving Ninjas was Jessie. She became the first woman ever to complete the Stage One course. Her run had the audience holding their breath, and we all exploded with excitement when she hit the buzzer.

Did we miss any? What moment from this season had you moved and motivated?