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When it comes to nerves, Jessie Graff lets it go in song

Jessie is a stunt woman, Ninja Warrior, and lyricist.

This is going to come as a shock, but Jessie Graff isn’t always 100% calm before she pulls off her amazing American Ninja Warrior runs.

Back in Season Seven, as Jessie was getting ready to do her Qualifying Run in Venice, she had an excess of nervous energy. Feeling jittery, she knew she needed to get it out of her system so she could concentrate on her run.

So what’s a Ninja to do? Write a parody song to the tune of Frozen’s "Let It Go," of course. Jessie’s little ditty was a hit amongst the Ninja community, and now she’s taken it one step further by making a music video.

Hey, Ninjas have to have a little fun with the stressful process of creating our favorite show! And Jessie’s strategy seems to have worked, since she’s been laying waste to courses ever since!

Enjoy Jessie's video above, with vocals by Meghan Murphy!