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Steven Moul talks with Matt Iseman about what it means to be an American Ninja Warrior with autism

There is NOTHING that can stop a Ninja spirit!

There was a serious American Ninja Warrior celebrity in the crowd in Indianapolis. One that stopped even Matt Iseman in his tracks.

Between calling runs and greeting the fans, Matt was brought up short by the sight of Steven Moul. Steven is a young man with autism who made it his dream and goal to compete on American Ninja Warrior.

Though he found the show at age 13, Steven needed to wait until age 21 to compete. And he made it! During the Kansas City Qualifiers of Season Seven, Steven took on the course in the most incredible way possible.

Here’s what Matt had to say about Steven’s performance: “His run was one of the most emotional we've had, even though he went out on the second obstacle. His smile and his parents seeing his joy... awesome.”

We can attest from first hand experience that no one could hold their emotions together when Matt and Steven talked about what it means to be a true American Ninja Warrior in the above clip.

Watch Steven’s Season Seven run here and just TRY not to feel overjoyed and inspired!

Keep training, Steven! We want to see you up there again!

Update: Steven did compete in season nine, at the Kansas City Qualifiers. He made it to the Broken Pipes.