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Little Ninja overcomes a stroke to conquer the Warped Wall

Now THIS is Ninja spirit in action!

This little Ninja is Jacob. He's five years old. At the age of 18 months he had a stroke that he's worked so hard to over come. Jacob's mom Katie sent us this video of him conquering the "Warped Wall" along with this message:

My son had a stroke at 18 months and is so inspired by the athletes that participate on your show! Thank you for creating something so positive for him. (Let us know when you're having a qualifying round in Cleveland!)

And this is the note his dad, Justin, posted on Facebook along with the above video:

This boy makes me so proud. After he had his stroke, I had to quickly come to grips that he may not be athlete I had envisioned he would be. He tries so hard at everything he does and does everything with a smile. He may never get a Varsity letter, but I don't care. He has already accomplished so much, and I can't wait to see the other challenges he takes on.

BRB. Sobbing uncontrollably.