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American Ninja Warrior didn’t win the Emmy, but owned the night

Come on, we all knew they weren’t going to just be casual about it.

A little show we all know called American Ninja Warrior was nominated for a 2016 Emmy. It was recognized in the category of Outstanding Reality Competition Program. The show was nominated along with The Voice, The Amazing Race, Project Runway, Dancing with the Stars and Top Chef.

Spoiler alert: It didn’t win. The trophy went home with the team from The Voice, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a huge night for the cast and crew.

It was the show’s first nomination, so that’s something to celebrate right there. Everyone is in love with American Ninja Warrior!

Here’s a rundown on how the team enjoyed themselves and celebrated the accomplishment!

The producers, hosts and Ninjas all hit the red carpet together.

Emmy nominated American Ninja Warrior! #emmys2016

A photo posted by Kristine Leahy (@kristineleahy) on

Kristine Leahy looked awesome (duh).

Thank you @lisemora @dominiquediazz and @juliannekaye for the glam!

A video posted by Kristine Leahy (@kristineleahy) on

Akbar Gbajabiamila wore a bowtie that he was very proud of.

Natalie Duran snuck in (duh).

✅ Golden Globes ✅ Oscars ✅ #EMMYS Now... to find something to climb

A photo posted by NDTitanLady Natalie Duran (@ninja_natalie) on

Jessie Graff continued her campaign for world domination by mesmerizing us with poses like this.

And moves like this. Backflips in heels. NBD.

And this is basically how the internet reacted to it.

Matt Iseman gave us a blow by blow of the night.

Including what it was like to lose.

He showed considerable self restraint when faced with the coveted Emmy. We probably would have tried to nab it and run.

But Matt did get one of those PB & Js made by Jimmy Kimmel’s mom!

All in all, yes, it WAS an honor just to be nominated. 2017 Emmy win, here we come!