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American Ninja Warrior Grant McCartney gets schooled by Olympic Swimmer Katie Ledecky on the Ellen Show

You can't win 'em all, Grant.

American Ninja Warrior Grant McCartney has a fantastic Season 8 on the show. The Island Ninja danced, dabbed and smiled all the way to Stage Two of the National Finals.

His stellar dance moves caught the eye of fellow self-expressionist Ellen Degeneres. On September 14th, Grant got the chance to dance with Ellen herself on her show!

But the fun didn't end there. Olympic gold medalist Katie Ledecky also happened to stop by the Ellen Show that day. Two athletes in one room? There HAD to be a face-off. Katie and Grant went head to head in a game of "Foot Flickers."

It was a bit of a mash up between kick ball and velcro paddle ball. Grant held his own, but come on, it's Katie Ledecky! She nailed a perfect bullseye and declined the grand prize of a waffle maker, which did go home with Grant.

So Grant McCartney is the Island Ninja of American Ninja Warrior. And Katie Ledecky is the Katie Ledecky of swimming AND Ellen Degeneres party games.