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Drew Drechsel’s Stage Three Run at the American Ninja Warrior National Finals

Drew ended his Season 8 with a tiny error.

Drew Drechsel's Stage Three run at the National Finals

This is the run Drew thinks let his fans down. We do not agree. Read Drew's full interview here:

Posted by American Ninja Warrior Nation on Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Real life Ninja Drew Drechsel made it the farther than anyone on Season 8 of American Ninja Warrior. He jump, climbed, and pulled his way to Stage Three of the National Finals. A small error with a toe hold on the Hang Climb is what stopped him from facing Mt. Midoriyama.

After his run, Drew was overcome with emotions. He spoke to Kristine Leahy about feeling like he let his fans down, especially his students that had come out to Vegas to watch him in person.

In the end though, we really feel that the lessons learned this season will only serve to fuel Drew’s desire and motivation to become the next American Ninja Warrior.