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Jessie Graff’s Stage Two run at the American Ninja Warrior National Finals

She capped off her historic season with a strong run.

Jesse Graff ended Season 8 of American Ninja Warrior with another showstopping performance. No, she didn’t hit the buzzer, but the fact that she stepped on to Stage Two and went as far as she did is unforgettable. Jessie made it all the way to the Wave Runner before falling.

Jessie has spent the past few seasons steadily advancing her skills. As soon as she discovered an obstacle that exposed a weakness, it was worked into her regular training routine. She traveled to train from as many other Ninjas as she could, learning from their strategies.

What it all amounted to was a season that changed American Ninja Warrior. By defeating Stage One at the National Finals, Jessie proved that women can perform just as well as the men. With the playing field clearly leveled, we can’t wait to see the female Ninjas that rise after Jessie Graff.