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10 most memorable moments from American Ninja Warrior Season 8

We reflect back on some of the jaw-dropping Ninja memories.

Ryan Tuttle/NBC

It’s been an emotional season 8 of American Ninja Warrior. There were epic course completions and heart breaking falls. Over all though, you have to admit it was dang compelling to watch. Here, we’re gathered 10 of our most memorable moments from the season.

Meagan Martin’s Indianapolis Qualifier

Meagan is a member of the training team the Wolfpack, and an American Ninja Warrior legend. She was the first woman to defeat the Jumping Spider at the National Finals. This season Meagan made history again by becoming the first female Ninja to hit 3 buzzers in 3 consecutive city Qualifiers, completing a triplet.

Zach Gowen’s Indianapolis Qualifier

Zach Gowen lost his leg to cancer at the age of 8. But that didn’t stop him from fulfilling his dream of being a professional wrestler. It certainly didn’t stop him from putting on a incredible qualifying run on one leg.

Artis Thompson III’s Oklahoma City Qualifier

Artis lost his brother in a motorcycle accident. The loss took a huge toll on Artis. He then lost his leg in another motorcycle accident. His ability to adapt and overcome is on full display during one of the most riveting obstacle saves this season

Jessie Graff’s LA City Finals

Jessie’s ride to super stardom really picked up speed at the LA City Finals. On this course, she became the first Ninja to complete the Wedge obstacle. Only Josh Levin was able to make it farther than her and completed the course. This means Jessie currently holds the highest position ever by a female Ninja on a City Finals course.

Flip Rodriguez’s LA City Finals

Flip is a well known Ninja who used to compete while wearing a mask. Everyone assumed it was just part of his character. A little showmanship for the crowds. Before he took the course at the LA City Finals, Flip revealed he wore the mask because he had experienced childhood sexual abuse. Now that he was ready to come forward and talk about that, he was ready to drop the mask.

After his emotional and brave confession, he went on to put up a flawless run.

Geoff Britten’s Philadelphia City Finals

Geoff Britten had an incredible season 7 which saw him hit all 6 buzzers in a row, and become the first person to complete all four stages of the National Finals.

When he did not take home the prize of $1 million, the vibe was that he would be back for redemption this season. He completed the Qualifying course, extending his buzzer streak to 7.

On the City Finals course, Geoff became part of a historic night, but not the kind he hoped for. For the first time, no one was able to reach the buzzer. His streak was over.

Jesse Labreck’s Philadelphia City Finals

In a season that had so many incredible female athletes, Jesse Labreck stood out. Only a rookie, she put on a fantastic performance in the Qualifiers, but she really shined in the City Finals. Jesse was one of four women to qualify for the City Finals, but only she was able make it to the top 15. This made her the first female rookie to ever qualify for the National Finals.

Geoff Britten’s Stage One

Back in Las Vagas, the scene where he had so much success last season, Geoff had a shockingly short run. He slipped on Snake Run, the very first obstacle. He was able to laugh as he climbed out of the water, but the fans were shocked.

Shortly after the run aired, Geoff announced that he would be taking time off from American Ninja Warrior as his heart wasn’t in it anymore.

Jessie Graff’s Stage One

This is arguably the moment of the season. Jessie Graff, one of the very few women to qualify for Las Vegas in the history of the show, took Stage One by storm. In a run the likes of which we had never seen before, Jessie was able to defeat the course.

Jessie Graff is now the only woman ever to complete a National Finals course. She’s kicked open the door for so many female Ninjas to come after her.

Drew Drechsel’s Stage Three run

Drew Drechsel is dedicated to becoming an American Ninja Warrior. There is no question about that. He is passionate about pursuing Mt. Midoriyama. Things were looking good for him this season.

His Stage One run was flawless. His Stage Two run had him making it to the buzzer with just one second left. Stage Three was going to be brutal, we all knew that. But we knew Drew could do it.

He poured everything he could in his run. In the end, he made it to the Hang Climb. This meant that he did not reach his goal this season, but he did make it farther than anyone else. He’s poised to progress next year.

What were your favorite moments from the season? Tell us in the comments here!