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The American Ninja Warriors couldn’t wait to see Jessie Graff make history

In this behind the scene look, you can feel how excited they were for her.

By now you’re probably familiar with what Jessie Graff accomplished on Stage one of the American Ninja Warrior National Finals. She became a super hero in her own right as she became the first woman ever to defeat Stage One.

So how did she get ready for that historic run? Take a look at Jessie’s 24 hours before she took the course.

One of the most striking things about this video has to be how many other Ninjas make light hearted guest appearances. There is no jealousy or competition here. The Ninjas all want to see Jessie steal the show and they just want to be there to see it for themselves.

Of course, Jessie’s pet pig Sammo is also an important part of her prep. Someone has to keep Jessie calm and resting before the big event!