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American Ninja Warrior start time and live stream: Season Finale

We’ll finally know if the Ninjas make it back to Mt. Midoriyama this season.

David Becker/NBC

It’s time. We’ve been waiting all season to see what happens on the American Ninja Warrior Season 8 finale on Monday, September 12.

We have 17 extremely talented Ninjas about to face courses harder than have ever been seen before on the show.

Stage Two will be double trouble, featuring the Double Salmon Ladder and the Double Wedge. Stage Three will kick it up a notch with the Ultimate Cliff Hanger, followed by the Curved Body Prop.

Whoever survives that will take on Mt. Midoiryama itself. This is a 75 foot vertical rope climb that must be completed in 30 seconds or less.

But we’ve got Ninjas like Jessie Graff, Josh Levin, Jake Murray, Joe Moravsky and Drew Drechsel (just to name a few). These course might be brutal, but they’ve got the most brutal Ninjas coming for them.

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Start time: 8/7c (8 pm PT for west coast)

Location: Las Vegas

TV channel: NBC

Live streaming: (You'll just need to verify your cable provider.)

Next episode: NONE! This is it for Season 8!