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5 ways to survive the American Ninja Warrior break

Why are the Olympics doing this to us?

John Baer/NBC

These are dark times. American Ninja Warrior is on hiatus while some silly little sporting event takes over the airwaves. We all have to wait until August 22 for the show to return with the glorious Philadelphia City Finals.

We’ve heard your cries for help. We’re with you. Here are 5 things you can do to pass the time waiting for the return of American Ninja Warrior.

Re-watch this season’s episodes

Experience all the action and adventure of Season 8 by watching clips and episodes at NBC.Com. We’ve also complied some Legendary Runs into one convenient spot for you. Right here.

If you just pretend you haven’t seen it before, it will ALMOST be like a new episode!

Listen to a Ninja Podcast

Give your eyes a break and let your ears have all the Ninja fun.

Armchair Ninja Podcast: These guys are just as obsessed with Ninjas as we are.

Wolfpack Ninja Podcast: Famous Ninjas chatting with famous Ninjas. YAY!

Super Women: The super inspiring Jessie Graff has a podcast about super inspiring women.

Start a Ninja debate

You’ve got opinions. Let’s hear them.

Who should get a Wild Card to Vegas and why?

What’s your all time favorite run?

Get in here and ask your own question of the Ninja community!

Design an obstacle

If you have a slightly evil, Ninja Warrior loving mind, this is for you. Design a brutal, creative obstacle in your newly free time. There’s a chance you’ll see it on the course next season!

Become a Ninja yourself

The fun never ends if you just make yourself into a Ninja!

  1. Find a Ninja gym
  2. Start training
  3. Get to a local competition

There you have it. Five ways to survive these brutal, barren weeks. It’s going to be tough, but we know you all have the strength to make it!