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Here are your American Ninja Warrior Season 8 Wild Cards

These are the Ninjas getting another shot at the course in Vegas.

NBC American Ninja Warrior

We’ll keep updating this as more Wild Cards are revealed!

Los Angeles

Tory Garcia:

NBC American Ninja Warrior

The Naval Intelligence Officer had an impressive run during last season’s Military Qualifiers. She didn’t make it to the City Finals this season, but her sights are set on Vegas.

Tiana Webberley:

Tiana’s Qualifying run in LA ended at the I Beam Cross when she JUST barely missed the landing.

Natalie Duran:

NBC American Ninja Warrior

Natalie was one of two women who made it to the LA City Finals (the other being Jessie Graff). Her City Finals run was cut short when she miscalculated her transition to Tick Tock.


Erica Cook:

The tough competitor didn’t make the City Finals, but judging by her Instagram account, she’s hard at work training and putting other Ninjas to the test.

Brittany Reid:

NBC American Ninja Warrior

Brittany had a strong run in Atlanta, not going out until the Pipe Fitter. You can watch her full run here.


Kristi Pratt:

NBC American Ninja Warrior

Kristi has competed on seasons 7 and 8 of American Ninja Warrior. She famously did the Salmon Ladder in her wedding dress.

Michaela Kiersch:

NBC American Ninja Warrior

It might have been her rookie season on American Ninja Warrior, but Michaela is no stranger to competition. She’s a rock climber with serious grit.

Jeri D’Aurelio:

NBC American Ninja Warrior

Jeri has been getting her practice in for Vegas. She’ll be competing on Team Ninja Warrior for her second season.

Oklahoma City

Cassie Craig:

NBC American Ninja Warrior

Cassie was a returning Ninja this season as she took the course in Oklahoma City. She didn’t advance to the City Finals, but we will see her again in Vegas! You can find out more about Cassie in our article here.

Kacy Catanzaro:

NBC American Ninja Warrior

Kacy’s run ended fairly early in the Oklahoma City Qualifiers. But the Ninja legend is full of surprises, so who know what she’ll bring to Vegas!

Asya Grechka:

NBC American Ninja Warrior

Asya has competed on American Ninja Warrior, Ninja Warrior France and Team Ninja Warrior. When she’s not on a course, she’s a robotics student and an avid rock climber.

Rose Wetzel:

NBC American Ninja Warrior

Rose is a highly accomplished obstacle course racer who participates in Spartan Races regularly. She definitely knows her way around an obstacle!


Allyssa Beird:

NBC American Ninja Warrior

Allyssa is a 5th grade teacher who had a heck of a rookie season. She made it to the City Finals in Philadelphia. Now she'll try her hand at the National Finals.

Michelle Warnky:

Michelle has made it to the City Finals three times, but hasn't locked in her spot in Vegas yet. With this Wild Card, she'll get a chance to show her strength on Mount Midoriyama.

Rachael Goldstein:

Rachael was one of the Fantastic Four women who powered through the Philadelphia Qualifiers to the City Finals. Only in her rookie season, Rachael went out on the Wall Drop but gave her run everything she had.