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Jessie Graff's TV froze during her American Ninja Warrior National Finals run and it was hilarious

How will she ever find out how she did?!?

Even though Jessie Graff was THERE for her amazing National Finals run in American Ninja Warrior, there's something really special about watching yourself on TV.

So Jessie organized a little viewing party attended by the likes of Kacy Catanzaro, Natalie Duran, Maggi Thorne and Alex Weber. There were healthy snacks. Sammo Hog was in attendance. Life was good.

The room was brimming with excitement as her run came up. Then, in a cruel twist of fate, her TV froze with 16 seconds left in her run. NO! How would we ever find out how it ended?!?

Find out the dramatic conclusion of this saga in the clip above.