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Michael Torres' stage one run at the American Ninja Warrior National Finals

The rookie gave us a nail-biting finish as the clock almost ran out.

Michael Torres is having one heck of a rookie season. He just turned 21 in time to make American Ninja Warrior's eighth season and he made the most of the opportunity.

After impressive Qualifying and City Finals runs, Michael made his way to stage one of the National Finals. Here, you could tell it was his first time navigating the Los Vegas course as he struggled a bit to balance the time limit against the obstacles.

In the end, he was a little tangled up on the cargo net of the Flying Squirrel as the clock ticked down. Just when we thought it was over, Michael made a miraculous last second save and hit the buzzer with 0.08 seconds to spare!

We're sure this was a valuable lesson for him that will guide his stage two strategy.