Who should get a Wild Card to Vegas and why?

Brett Deering/NBC

As the Wild Cards to the Las Vegas Finals have been announced, quite a debate has been stirred up about what Ninjas have not been included.

For anyone who doesn't know, the Wild Cards are Ninjas who did not advance to either City Finals, or National Finals, but they score the golden ticket anyway. The decision is made by the producers of American Ninja Warrior.

But let's pretend we hold the power! Lots of legends have headed home early this season. Kacy Catanzaro, David Campbell and Tremayne Dortch to name just a few.

Who should get a Wild Card this year and why? Let's discuss and debate it here!

You can review the currently announced Wild Cards here.

Note: Please remember to respect all our athletes. This forum is to discuss the Wild Card selection process, the names that may have not been included, and why you think they should have been selected. It is not a place to put down any specific Ninjas.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of American Ninja Warrior Nation's writers or editors, or of NBC.

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