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American Ninja Warriors are prepping for the new National Ninja League season

When the show is off the air, the Ninjas are still hard at work.

Jesse Labreck taking on the Warped Wall at a NLL competition.

The National Ninja League is getting ready to kick off their new season!

In case you’re not familiar with the NNL, it’s a competitive league that holds Ninja contests all over the country. You earn points for placing in competitions, working towards the championships.

Why should you care? Because it’s where you’ll find your favorite American Ninja Warriors when they’re not on TV. They don’t just compete once a year. They’re training, working hard and winning on a regular basis.

Also, this is where any aspiring Ninjas can get their foot in the door. Any one can register to compete. They’ll be running on obstacles design by well-known Ninjas, right next to the legends. Local competitions are how new Ninjas get their start and work towards the televised show.

The NNL is headed up by Ninja Chris Wilczewski. Only he and Joe Moravsky made it to the Invisible Ladder in the Philadelphia City Finals this season, and he’s a strong favorite as we move into the National Finals.

In the video below, Chris breaks down what new things are coming to the league this season, as well as past results and a preview of the first competition!


There are now three youth divisions, meaning Ninjas of almost any age can start competing.

If you want to register your child for an event, here’s a video on how to get that started.

There are currently 20 competitions on the calendar, not including the championships in March. 10 new gyms have also joined the league this season, and we heard more are still in the process of coming on! You can access information on the competitions and register here.

Chris also shared the finalized standings from last season. Every single one of the top 5 male and female competitors in the NNL have competed on American Ninja Warrior. The talent here is no joke.

Jesse Labreck thrilled us by qualifying for the National Finals after her Philadelphia run. Geoff Britten is well known as the first person ever to complete are four stages at the National Finals.

The first competition of the season was held at Kor Komplex in Missouri. Kirsti Pratt (The Ninja Machine who famously did the Salmon Ladder in her wedding dress) designed a new obstacle based on the Pipe Fitter from the Atlanta course.

Big ninja name Adam Arnold was in attendance and took home first place for the men’s division. You can check out the results from that competition here.

We’ll be keeping up with the action so we can update you on what your favorite American Ninja Warriors are doing when the cameras aren’t around!