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JoJo Bynum feels the heat at the American Ninja Warrior National Finals

In sin city, even the air can be an obstacle.

JoJo Bynum takes us along for the ride as he heads to the American Ninja Warrior National Finals in Las Vegas.

After a cameo by his adorable daughter, we learn about the invisible obstacle that the Ninjas also have to deal with at the Finals: The extreme heat and dryness. Imagine trying to pull off an incredible physical feat in the oven-like conditions of the Las Vegas desert.

But JoJo, known for his upbeat personality and singing mother, takes it all in stride. He walks us through the keys to athletic hydration and training on the go before his shot at Stage One of the National Finals. We'll see if his preparations pay off on night one of the National Finals!

Look at this kid!

Look at this kid!