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Sam Sann found a way to make the Salmon Ladder harder

The Floating Salmon Ladder at Iron Sports looks painful.

American Ninja Warrior Sam Sann is a master of obstacles. Aside from being a veteran of the course, he trains many of the Ninjas we know and love, including Daniel Gil.

Sam's gym in Texas, Iron Sports, is a bit of a Ninja mecca. They travel from all over the country to try their their hand at his course and get his expert advice.

Sam shared this video clip with us, proving that he's always thinking one step ahead of the obstacles. Not content with just a Salmon Ladder, he's debuting a Floating Salmon Ladder. That's right. Instead of just defying gravity, you have to do it while on an unstable ladder now.

Ouch. Thanks Sam!

What do you think of this obstacle? Should we see it on the course next season? Tell us in the comments!