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Best Akbar-isms from the American Ninja Warrior Philadelphia Finals

He was on point during the City Finals!

John Baer/NBC

Thank goodness for the @ANW Akbarism Twitter account! The manager works tirelessly to capture all of Akbar Gbajabiamila’s catch phrases and puns during each episode.

With all the excitement of the Philadelphia City Finals, we knew it was going to be a juicy one! Here are our favorite lines from the night.

When Akbar accused Allyssa Beird of playing around.

When he was baffled by muscles.

When things got heated.

When Philly lost that loving feeling.

When Akbar demonstrated how to identify a man.

When he got a little Southern.

When Akbar compared running the course to childbirth.

When his Star Wars reference became the greatest meme ever.

When we all knew this would eventually happen.

When we wanted to see Akbar work on his cardio.

Did we miss any? What was your favorite Akbar comment of the night? Tell us here!