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Here are the 15 Ninjas we said goodbye to in Philadelphia

In the last City Finals of Season 8, we solidified our Vegas Finalists. But not everyone could make it.

Mitchell Leff/NBC

The Philadelphia City Finals was nothing short of epic. We saw four female Ninjas run the course, with Jesse Labreck going on to National Finals. The night was made historic by becoming the first time in American Ninja Warrior History that NO ONE was able to hit the buzzer.

We’re heading into the Vegas Finals now. Here are the 15 Ninjas who didn’t lock in their spot.

  • Michelle Warnky - Out on Rolling Thunder
  • Rachael Goldstein - Out on Wall Drop
  • Allyssa Beird - Out on Rolling Thunder
  • John Gowder Jr. - Out on Paddle Boards
  • Yancy Quezada - Out on Salmon Ladder
  • Tim Bream - Out on Rolling Thunder
  • Greg Fleming - Out on Rolling Thunder
  • Tyler Cravens - Out on Wall Drop
  • Chris DiGangi - Out on Rolling Thunder
  • Mike Soria - Out on Rolling Thunder
  • Lori Adams - Out on the Wall Drop
  • Eric Torres - Out on Warped Wall
  • Alex Dell’Aquila - Out on Rolling Thunder
  • Fabio Figueiredo - Out on Rolling Thunder
  • Miles Avery - Out on Wall Drop

8 fell from Rolling Thunder. 4 from the Wall Drop, with the Paddle Boards and the Warped Wall each claiming one Ninja. Only Yancy Quezada made it to the back half of the course and fell from the Salmon Ladder.

Rolling Thunder proved to be a beast in the Philadelphia Qualifiers and it wasn’t letting up in the City Finals. Even though the plexiglass panes were rearranged so Ninjas didn’t have to reach as far to get around them, the weight of the wheel, combined with the energy they had already exerted was a trap for many Ninjas.

What were your thoughts on Rolling Thunder? Was it too hard and should have been saved for the National Finals, or do you think that raising the bar makes for good Ninjas? Tell us in the comments here!