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Jesse Labreck breaks down her incredible Philadelphia City Finals run

The rookie made sure everyone knew her name by the end of the night.

Mitchell Leff/NBC

Jesse Labreck had a night full of firsts in the Philadelphia City Finals. She was the first female to defeat the obstacle Rolling Thunder. She also became the first female Ninja to secure her spot in Vegas during her rookie season.

We caught up with Jesse to get the behind-the-scenes scoop on how she was feeling that night and how she put that historic run together.

How were you feeling before your Finals run?

Before finals I was very nervous about making a mistake on the first four obstacles. I didn't want to underestimate any of the beginning obstacles just because I had completed them in the qualifier. I came up with a plan for each obstacle and I just wanted to execute.

What obstacle were you most worried about?

I was worried most about the Rolling Thunder because I had attempted it in qualifiers and I felt like I want strong enough to do it yet. I thought about every time I hadn't done pull-ups after my workout and I was kicking myself for that.

What technique did you use to beat Rolling Thunder?

When it came to beating the Rolling Thunder I don't even remember my technique or the plan I had going into it. I think what got me through the Rolling Thunder was the crowd cheering for me, I had adrenaline like I'd never felt and the determination to get to the Warped Wall. At the time I felt like I'd never wanted something so much in my life.

What technique would you use on the Stair Hopper if you could face it again?

I think the technique I used on the Stair Hopper was actually fine, I was still just too pumped out from the Rolling Thunder and then the obstacles that followed it. My arms felt like they had cement in them and I think if I tried the Stair Hopper when I'm fresh then my technique would have worked.

How did it feel to realize you were going to the National Finals?

When I found out I was going to nationals I was actually so surprised it didn't feel real. I was so focused on not making mistakes and focusing on each obstacle that I wasn't actually thinking about what the end outcome could possibly be. Being excited would be an understatement once it really sank in. I was smiling for weeks.

Last but not least. How's Emeline? What did she say to you after your run?

[Jesse is a caretaker for Emeline.]

Emeline is great! She said she was really proud of me and knew I could do it. She was bummed a little because she knew she couldn't go to Vegas and she wanted to be there to support me again but she was definitely happy for me.

Jesse now joins Meagan Martin and Jessie Graff in the Season 8 National Finals!