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5 reasons American Ninja Warrior fans should check out Mud Run Guide

The online Ninja Warrior community has everything you could ever want!

Mud Run Guide/Youtube

We spend a lot of time online researching American Ninja Warrior. What we’ve found is a hive of resources for every Ninja desire. They’re run by really cool people as well. Usually as soon as we introduce ourselves, the conversation goes like this, “You love American Ninja Warrior? I love American Ninja Warrior! BFFs forever!”

In the spirit of that community, we’re going to share with you resources that you should be checking out for all things Ninja.

Today, American Ninja Warrior fans should check out Mud Run Guide.

Why? Here’s why:

It’s run by Ninja fanatics, just like us.

We can personally attest that Bonnie, the social media peep, is a die hard fan. She geeks out with us online all the time, especially during the episode premiers. She’s a big part of the digital American Ninja Warrior cheering squad.

Their training videos cover everything from obstacle tutorials, gym tours, and Evan Dollard’s Ninja Quickies.

Doesn’t matter what you’re looking for. A behind the scene look at a gym? They’ve got it. A technical breakdown of an obstacle? They’ve got it. Something just fun and full of Ninjas? Check!

They have a comprehensive calendar of Ninja style competitions.

As the sport grows, more and more fans of the show are becoming Ninjas themselves. You can now start testing your own skills in local competitions, or just go and check it out at a spectator. It’s an awesome way to keep Ninja Warrior in your life when the show is on hiatus.

They have a pretty dang cool interactive gym map.

It’s super impressive to see how fast this community is growing when you can visually see gyms popping up literally all over the country.

They’ll help keep you up to date on some of the latest Ninja Warrior developments.

They have built great relationships with Ninjas like Evan Dollard, Kacy Catanzaro, Brent Steffensen and the Wolfpack Ninjas. Mud Run Guide is always down to help promote their new projects, so it’s another great resource for Ninja news.

Do you have a favorite online resource for Ninja Warrior related topics? Leave the name here in the comments!